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Vacuum flask

Vacuum flask

A revolutionary treatment that stops leaks and combats organ prolapse in 6 weeks

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Incontinence and prolapse leads to leaks and loss of sexual intimacy in Women above 35

The pelver10 is designed to mildly deliver the power of a 100 kegels directly to your "pelvic floor muscles", 

feel confident again in your body 

The Pelver10 is your easy to use Incontinence solution

  • Non Invasive

  • Clinically Proven

  • Fast and Effective

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2 weeks of consistent use and I'm feeling really narrower, I usually use it lying down.

Brenda Waters

Your pelvic floor muscles are made up of your (1)bladder which controls urine flow (2)Uterus (3)vagina

The Pelver10 Fixes the leaks in your Lady parts in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Pelver10 trainer sends a mild electrical impulse to the 3 muscles of the pelvic floor

Step 2:

The muscles contract and relaxes in response to the electrical impulses

 Step 3

Resulting in stronger and well toned bladder and uterus muscles

Designed for every Super woman

Regain Complete Bladder Control

Spend less time being self Conscious, Have the freedom to Enjoy a more rewarding day with Fewer interruptions

A stronger pelvis gives you the freedom to do the daily activities you love like taking a walk in the park, going out with the girls or simply being a mum.

Improve sleep and Accelerates post partum recovery without drugs

For New mums, with just 15min of use the Pelver10 stimulates the release of natural painkillers called endorphins, which reduces pain, improve your mood, boost energy and improve sleep after childbirth and increases faster natural recovery

Combats vaginal Prolapse and improves sexual function

Prolapse or organ sagging leads to leaks and loss of sensitivity during Sex. It strengthens and makes the muscles around the uterus and vigina firmer, Now you can enjoy a more satisfying sexual life

How to use? All you have to do is

  • Get comfortable

    Choose a comfortable position of your choice

  • Lubricate

    Apply little lubricant to make it seamless

  • Insert and relax

    Turn on the device and relax, let your body repair itself

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Faster more effective results in less than 6 weeks

I have been using it for a week, they really make your muscles to work, I recommend it for women who have a weak pelvic floor, the material feels soft and not too heavy.

Hipolita Nicolas

  • Lightweight

    Weighing only 50gramms and less than 15cm in length it is soft and very comfortable on the inside and easy to position correctly

  • 8 training modes

    Medically designed to help you choose a frequency you are comfortable with and move up the programme you go

  • Remote controlled and noiseless

    Noiseless, and helps protects your privacy while in use

  • Waterproof

    Made from the highest grade medical plastic, it is waterproof and easy to clean, after each use wash and disinfect in warm water

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Why waste money on less desirable treatement?

You don't have to break the bank or trade your privacy with conventional treatment

Experience the Pelver10 Risk Free Today

✅ 60day money back guarantee

✅ free shipping and delivery

✅ one time payment no monthly charges

Nothing beats a wet free confidence


What is the Pelver 10 device?

The Pelver 10 device is an electronic pelvic floor trainer designed with medical grade silicon for comfort and uses mild electrical stimulation to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. It is a safe and effective treatment for urinary incontinence

Who can use the Pelver 10 device?

The Pelver 10 device is for adults women suffering urinary, Urge and mixed incontinence as well as pelvic organ prolapse, it is not for people with certain medical conditions, or women suffering infections or pregnant women

How often should I use the Pelver 10 device?

The Pelver 10 device is designed to be used for 20 minutes per day. You can also use for  two or three sessions per day.

How long does it take to see results with the Pelver 10 device?

Following the recommended usage most people start to see big  improvement in as little as three weeks of using the Pelver10 device. However to see the full benefits of the device, it is advisable to use consistently for more than 6 weeks

Is the Pelver 10 device safe to use during pregnancy?

The Pelver 10 device is not recommended for use during pregnancy

Can I use the Pelver 10 device with other medications?

It is important to talk to your doctor before using the Pelver 10 device if you are taking any medications

What are the side effects of the Pelver 10 device?

The Pelver 10 device is generally safe and has no known side effect., Some people may experience mild tingling when using it for the first time

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Camryn Parisian

I am very satisfied. Being adepts of picnics and camping that suits us perfectly🥰

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As the description, the color arrived the precise one.

Mayra Maggio

Vacuum flask

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Thank you all great

Sonia John

Very excellent seller .. The shipment arrived in record time... Quality of soft style .. Totally satisfied. Thanks again.